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German Language and Literature Contact Informations

Extension Board: (0216) 330 11 98

(0216) 348 21 95

(0216) 346 45 53

(0216) 348 77 59

(0216) 348 59 38

(0216) 345 11 86

Fax:  (0216) 347 87 83

Address: Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Göztepe Kampüsü 34722 / Kadıköy - İstanbul


Location of Faculty

MU The Faculty of Arts and Science is located in Kadıköy.

As location;

On the minibus way 

In the direction of Bostancı, one station after the Kuyubaşı Bus Station and;

Next to the Göztepe Education and Research Hospital.



From Taksim by bus number 112,

From Üsküdar by bus number 2,

From Pendik-Kartal-Maltepe by bus number 17,

From Kadıköy and other places with all buses and minibuses with Ziverbey route,

From Kadıköy with all minibuses along the minibus route.


Head of Department: Prof.Dr. Leyla COŞAN

Extension Number: 3237; Room Number: GZFA321; Email: leylacosan


Vice-Head of Department: Asstist. Prof. Dr. Serap DEVRAN

Extension Number: 3240; Room Number: GZFA327; Email: sdevran


Department Secretary:  Serap ERKAN

Extension Number: 3231; Room Number: GZFA401; Email:serap.erkan

* should be added at the end of the email addresses


Academic Advisors:

1. Class: Res. Asst. Habib TEKİN

2. Class: Asstist. Prof. Dr. Nihal DURMUŞ

3. Class: Asstist. Prof. Dr. Serap DEVRAN

4. Class: Prof.Dr. Yasemin BALCI


Double Major Responsible: 

Erasmus Responsible: Prof.Dr. Yasemin BALCI


You can reach the contact information of the academic members of the department from the academic staff page.

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