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Marmara University

German Language and Literature


Head of Department Prof. Dr. Leyla COŞAN


Starting to teach since 1991 at the University of Marmara, our Department of German Literature and Linguistics has been providing a highly-qualified education, as well as the basic - and later extensive - foundation in German Literature. Besides that, after a successful study in the field of Germanistics, our department will guarantee and give different degrees for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. 

Students can apply for the field of study with their scores in pre-determined exams and will then acquire a founded knowledge and education in German Literature and Linguistics. Besides the introduction courses in literature and linguistics, students are also asked to take part in extensive classes of each discipline. Students also have the opportunity to acquire a double major subject degree besides their ordinary major- and subsidiary subjects in their field of study. This will also entail students in their cultural and social lives. 

Moreover, students can also take part in exchange programs, which are provided and recommended by our department, and, thus, have the possibility to study abroad; especially at Partner Universities in Germany. This will not only give a founded knowledge in their fields of study, but will also broaden their visions, thoughts and imaginations.

The German Department of Literature and Linguistics will always deal with German texts. With required language-knowledge students will analyse, compare, interpret German texts, by which flourishment of creativeness and individual improvement is hoped.



" What physics and chemistry is for the philosophical sciences about the bodies, so is philology for the sciences about humanity ..."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ernest Renan



According to years Heads of Department:


2000-2018 Prof. Dr. Acar SEVİM

1996-2000 Assoc. Dr. Hakan ÇİL

1983-1996 Prof. Dr. Nese ONURAL



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